My Mother’s Fridge

Some highlights from my career as an educator!

Journal Articles

  • The Enlightenment Meets Twitter: Using Social Media in the Classroom by Daniel Krutka and Michael K. Milton in The Ohio Social Studies Review (2013)
    • Dan and I cowrote my first journal article highlighting a lesson I created where students take on the personas of Enlightenment philosophers. Students use blogs and Twitter to field questions about what the philosophers would think about the modern world.

In the News

  • The iPad Goes to School in Bloomberg Businessweek (2013) by David Leanard
    • The article discusses the emergence of the Apple tablet in the classroom. David Leonard discusses the use of iPads in schools in Los Angeles and in Burlington, MA. My class project, Twitter Meets the Enlightenment, is highlighted.
  • A Teacher Share’s His Lessons from a Simulated Senate in THE Journal by Christopher Piehler (2015)
    • This article highlights the Edward M. Kennedy Institute’s Senate Immersion Module where students take become US Senators and attempt to pass historic and modern legislation. I have been a part of the Teacher Advisory Board since 2012.
  • A Teacher, a Committee Member and a Parent Walk Into a Blog... in WBUR’s Learning Lab (2016) by Peter Balonon-Rosen
    • Peter Balonen-Rosen highlights how people are using blogs in education. My blog is used to show how teachers are reaching out to bring their own voices to the table.


  • Celebrity Look Alike – Abraham Lincoln by the Class of 2015 and the Class of 2016
    • I assume because one time I dressed up for Historical Halloween, I won this prestigious honor from the seniors for two years running. I also won “best hair” from the Class of 2015.10385376_10100244760175969_2053899670897276238_n.jpg


  • Educator Studios once honored me by bringing one of my tweets to life. It was unexpected and one of the nicest honors I’ve ever had.