How I Found a Job: Episode 2 “A Highly Qualified Applicant”

While applying for a teaching job a few years ago, I posted a few notes on Facebook about the experience. I wrote them in an attempt to keep my sanity and sense of humor while facing a series of setbacks. As it seems like many people that I know are in this position, I have decided to post them here over the next few weeks. I wish all searching for jobs the best of luck. 

Three years ago in a state not so far away…

“A Highly Qualified Applicant”

In the middle of May, I received a phone call for my second job interview. Like the previous time, I researched as much as I could on the school system and my interviewers. Along the way, I fell in love with this school district (as they put into place some forward thinking initiatives). “This is it!” I thought.

I put on my navy blue Brooks Brothers suit and drove up for my interview. I felt really cool and decided to go sans tie. I arrived at the school an hour early so I hung out in the parking lot. After about 15 minutes nervously waiting, I drove to Macy’s to purchase a tie because it was a stupid idea not to wear one. I walked into the school with plenty of time and waited in the main office.

I was really prepared for this interview. It was with three members of the History department. It was much more of a conversation and I felt immediately at ease. I had my portfolio and was asked if I wanted to use it during the interview or just pass it around for their perusing. I chose the latter. When asked a question about a lesson that I was particularly proud of, I saw which one someone was currently looking at in the portfolio and talked about that lesson. It was magic. When asked about my favorite books, I mentioned the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and talked about my dream to do a Hitchhikers Guide to World Cultures as a class. Brilliant, I thought*.

When I went home, I immediately wrote and e-mailed a thank you note expanding on some items in our discussion and thanking them for taking the time to interview me. Normally, I would have sent this via post, but I was getting married two days later and felt that time was of the essence. I received an immediate response thanking me and congratulating me on my upcoming nuptials. Great joy!

As instructed, I called when I returned from my honeymoon. When I did not hear anything, I e-mailed thanking them again and questioning their timeline. A few days later, I received an e-mail saying, “we had many high qualified applicants**. We thank you for your interest in our school and wish you the best of luck in your job search.” The next day, I received a formal letter from them with the same line. Over the next few weeks, I received the same notice from many school districts – including several who never even looked at my application on

When I worked for City Year, one of our mottos was “This is hard, be strong.” Facing this steady stream of rejection, I try to keep this in mind (even when I feel like a marshmallow).

* I am still taken by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Word Cultures and one day will write a more detailed post outlining the potential class ~ it would involve learning about different countries political systems, food and culture.
** While on the surface being called a “highly qualified applicant” is a great esteem builder, the law of diminishing returns is in effect (particularly when the school appears to have not looked at your application).
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About Michael K. Milton

I teach students Social Studies at Burlington High School. When I became a teacher, I believed that students would frequently give me apples. This has not happened (not even a Red Delicious ~ a name which is a misnomer). However, my school has given me a MacBook Pro and an iPad in an effort to right this wrong (I assume). I'm very lucky to work in a 1:1 school.
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4 Responses to How I Found a Job: Episode 2 “A Highly Qualified Applicant”

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  2. danriles says:

    Ok, this is just a teaser, though the rejections are amazingly hard to take over time. Can’t wait for Episode 3.

    • @42thinkdeep says:

      I used to keep the rejection letters in a “what doesn’t kill you…” type of attitude…but as they added up, I began recycling them.

      I am actually grateful to those who sent the letter out though! I am still waiting to hear back from some schools.

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