How I Found a Job: Episode 4 ~ Tales from the Road

While applying for a teaching job a few years ago, I posted a few notes on Facebook about the experience. I wrote them in an attempt to keep my sanity and sense of humor while facing a series of setbacks. As it seems like many people that I know are in this position, I have decided to post them here over the next few weeks. I wish all searching for jobs the best of luck. 

Three years ago in a state not so far away…

“Tales from the Road”

As you probably know, searching for a job can be very daunting…and can occasionally bring you to tears in interviews (a friend said this may have been her downfall in one of hers). To keep my sanity while seeking gainful employment, I am keeping this “job journal” with the belief that this will help me move past the difficult times (and, hopefully, then laugh about them).

This weekend I found two districts that were looking for social studies teachers. One is a smaller school that is looking for one social studies teacher; while the other is much larger and looking for five social studies teachers. Today, I hand-delivered my application packets to both of these districts. The odds seemed to be in my favor as I ventured out this morning in my navy blue Brooks Brothers suit.

The first stop was the smaller school district and things went relatively well. My confidence was high as I signed into the building. I was pointed to the direction of the Superintendents Office where I was to drop off my application packet. While dropping off a packet to another school a month or so ago, I was very nervous and said, “I want to teach, application is…here” (I never got a call back from that one). In stark contrast, this morning I was on. My words came out like I was always meant to say, “I would like to drop off my application for the High School Social Studies position.” I smiled at the secretary as she stamped my application packet. What a great feeling!

I walked out the closest exit door to my car, leaving for the larger school district. About 15 minutes or so later, I turned around as I had forgotten to sign out of the building. In my mind had I not turned around, at 5pm a security guard would have searched the whole building for me thinking I was hiding (and thus ruining any chances of employment). In actuality, the woman found my returning to sign out rather humorous indicating that it was not really a big deal. We laughed together for a minute and I left.

The next school district is in a city that is very reminiscent to Providence. The downtown is very neat with lots of repurposed mill buildings and lots of great looking restaurants. Also, with five open positions I already began scouting for a cool bar to meet all of my new teacher friends. I am very excited about this potential opportunity.

I checked into the front desk and was asked to sign in to declare my intentions. Like before, I delivered this line flawlessly, “I would like to drop off my application for the High School Social Studies position.” She cackled. I smiled not really understanding, but going with it. She replied, “Are you aware of all of the layoffs?” My smile faded a bit. “Are you?” she demanded of me. Now, I don’t want to seem like I have not done my homework, but I had absolutely no idea. I answered, “I just wanted to get my application in… just in case.” This woman hates me. “Hold on, I’ll call Personnel.” I debated running away. I was then escorted to a non-smiling personnel secretary who reluctantly accepted my application packet. Very few words were exchanged.

Ideally, this is one of the days that I will look back upon and laugh.

On an related note, I am going to retire my navy blue Brooks Brothers suit from this search.

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How I Found a Job: Episode 4 ~ Tales from the Road

About Michael K. Milton

I teach students Social Studies at Burlington High School. When I became a teacher, I believed that students would frequently give me apples. This has not happened (not even a Red Delicious ~ a name which is a misnomer). However, my school has given me a MacBook Pro and an iPad in an effort to right this wrong (I assume). I'm very lucky to work in a 1:1 school.
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3 Responses to How I Found a Job: Episode 4 ~ Tales from the Road

  1. Dorothea says:

    OK. I’m still waiting to hear how you found a teaching job as I, too, am looking for a teaching job and have been for the past two years. Please enlighten (or at least encourage)!

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