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Teaching the Constitution: Superheroes and the Branches of Government

As a new teacher to both the US History I curriculum and to teaching 9th graders, I was struggling teaching students about the difference in the branches of governments. I tried a variety of ways to do this: I gave … Continue reading

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The Enlightenment Meets Social Media: Want to Help?

(Update Below) This week, my students have become consultants to Enlightenment thinkers and are attempting to reintroduce themselves to the modern world using Twitter and Blogger. Tomorrow they will begin to broadcast the beliefs of the Baron de Montesquieu, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, … Continue reading

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It is no secret that I enjoy two things, debating and snapping**. Prior to an observation last year, I decided to merge there two loves together (after being inspired by this video about Stanford’s Reading Like a Historian). Oh, please take … Continue reading

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History Lab Reports: A Template

Have you ever watched TV? Particularly a television program set in a high school (or with high school-aged people)? At the beginning of scenes that take place inside a classroom, there is brief shot to establish the type of classroom … Continue reading

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Absolute Monarchy’s Ultimate Class Playlist: Pairing Music with History

When I began school this year, I decided to create a class playlist – finding music that encapsulated what we did for each day in class and posting it in the room for all to see. Not only will this … Continue reading

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Common Core State Standard Rubric for History/Social Studies 11-12

For the past few weeks, my colleague Todd Whitten and I have been sharing some work that we have done with the Common Core State Standards for History/Social Studies. During this process, we created rubrics based upon the 9-10th Grade … Continue reading

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Primary Documents, Social Studies, and the Common Core: The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen

Last week, Todd Whitten and I shared ways to hit the different Common Core Standards for Social Studies/History using technology. This week, we are launching our work on Primary Documents and the Common Core (check out Todd’s post on using … Continue reading

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Technology, Social Studies, and the Common Core: Part II

This summer I have been working with Todd Whitten on how we can integrate the Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies into the classroom for this upcoming year. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing what we have … Continue reading

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Close Reading and the Magic Eye – A quick thought

After researching close reading strategies for a lesson that I want to do sometime in the next few weeks, I had an epiphany of sorts while running past my eye doctor’s office. Last fall, I spent hours upon hours waiting … Continue reading

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Connecting Lessons to Common Core: Extra Extra! Primary Documents turned into News Articles!

What started off as an exercise to prepare for a department meeting has now become a bit of a hobby. For the past few weeks, I have been reflecting upon my past lessons and adapting them to the Common Core … Continue reading

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