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History Investigations: Voices from the Past

As I have begun to mentor an aspiring educator, I’ve been thinking about my various roles as a teacher. At any given moment I am a mentor, a guide, a sources of knowledge, a hero, a villain, a supporting player, a taskmaster, … Continue reading

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Preparing for Exams like a Conspiracy Theorist

My favorite tools to prepare students for midterms is not an app or notecards (although both can absolutely be useful) but rather kitchen twine and Gorilla tape. A few summers ago, I read Making Thinking Visible: How to promote Engagement, … Continue reading

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Non-Linear Google Slides Presentations: Weimar Republic Political Parties

Last spring in my Digital Literacies and Emerging Technology grad class, we were asked to create a non-linear experience using PowerPoint or another similar tool.  In addition to the non-linear format, there had to be a place for discussion. My … Continue reading

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Lessons from Superhero Movies: Teachers’ Edition

As the recent surge of superhero films is showing no signs of stopping, I felt that now was probably a good time to share lessons that I have gleaned from the current batch of superhero movies and apply them to … Continue reading

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a 1:1 Classroom* (Lessons Learned from Year 1)

As I was watching The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on the way to New York City on Sunday, I came across this piece of dialogue: Mr. Prosser: This bypass has got to be built and it’s going to be … Continue reading

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My Season Finale: The Ending of the School Year as a TV Show

If the closing of my first year school year was a season finale what would it be like? This thought popped in my head during my morning run as I was anticipating receiving my contract for the upcoming year. Here … Continue reading

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How I Found a Job: Episode 1 ~ Unhumble Beginnings

While applying for a teaching job a few years ago, I posted a few notes on Facebook about the experience. I wrote them in an attempt to keep my sanity and sense of humor while facing a series of setbacks. … Continue reading

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Klout, Parenting, and Expectations: The Four Stages of an Unwarranted +K-ing

Last week, I was greeted early one morning with the news that I was influential on Parenting. Klout sent an e-mail to congratulate me on this impressive accomplishment. I felt a bit caught off-guard to handle the news for two … Continue reading

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Teacher Trading Cards: Make Your Own!

Last week, I posted about teachers having Teacher Trading Cards as a means to connect with students, parents, colleagues, and learning networks. Also, collecting them all could become a great new pastime. Many people have contacted me for a template to … Continue reading

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Connecting Lessons to Common Core: Personal Journals during the French Revolution

As I said before, my Social Studies department is meeting this week to discuss activities and lessons that align with the Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies. I became very excited last Friday afternoon when I found that the Common Core … Continue reading

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