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Klout, Parenting, and Expectations: The Four Stages of an Unwarranted +K-ing

Last week, I was greeted early one morning with the news that I was influential on Parenting. Klout sent an e-mail to congratulate me on this impressive accomplishment. I felt a bit caught off-guard to handle the news for two … Continue reading

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Teacher Trading Cards: Make Your Own!

Last week, I posted about teachers having Teacher Trading Cards as a means to connect with students, parents, colleagues, and learning networks. Also, collecting them all could become a great new pastime. Many people have contacted me for a template to … Continue reading

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Connecting Lessons to Common Core: Personal Journals during the French Revolution

As I said before, my Social Studies department is meeting this week to discuss activities and lessons that align with the Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies. I became very excited last Friday afternoon when I found that the Common Core … Continue reading

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My Idea: Making Teacher Prep More Like Scrubs

Imagine if Teacher Prep programs were more like the hit TV Show Scrubs! While I have been accused of having ridiculous fantasies, I actually think this idea has some merit. I mean, doctors have “Teaching Hospitals” (as seen on ER, … Continue reading

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The West Wing Model: A Reflection on Teaching and the Role of the Teacher in the Classroom

Below is an adapted response to a question from my PLP (Powerful Learning Practices) coach on the question “What did you learn this week?”. We had vacation last week and I spent a great deal of time watching the hit … Continue reading

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The Enlightenment Meets Social Media

What better way to make the Enlightenment come alive than to have my World History students create Blogger sites and set up a conversation on Twitter! In our activity, students were hired by a consulting firm to bring the ideas … Continue reading

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The (Industrial) Revolution will be Twitterized*

Edit: I have transitioned this to using todaysmeet.com rather than Twitter. The activity works the same, but we are in a walled garden that is much easier to set up than Twitter is. In groups, students were assigned a country that … Continue reading

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