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Teacher Trading Cards: Collect Them All!

Instead of “Baseball Cards,” imagine if children collected “Teacher Cards”? Every week, students saved up their allowance to purchase their “Teacher Cards” and a stick of stale gum from the corner store. This is a brief conversation I imagine students … Continue reading

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Why I Teach: The Importance of Teachers and the Zombie Apocalypse

Part of my inspiration for being a teacher is that I believe I can stave off the Zombie Apocalypse (or Zombocalypse as a friend offered). Not single-handedly, mind you. My occasional delusions of grandeur are never quite so grand. I … Continue reading

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My Idea: Making Teacher Prep More Like Scrubs

Imagine if Teacher Prep programs were more like the hit TV Show Scrubs! While I have been accused of having ridiculous fantasies, I actually think this idea has some merit. I mean, doctors have “Teaching Hospitals” (as seen on ER, … Continue reading

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Connecting Lessons to Common Core: A Missed Opportunity

In a few weeks, I am sitting down with my Social Studies department to discuss the Common Core standards for History/Social Studies and identify lessons and activities that meet them. The idea of this meeting really excites me because I … Continue reading

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The West Wing Model: A Reflection on Teaching and the Role of the Teacher in the Classroom

Below is an adapted response to a question from my PLP (Powerful Learning Practices) coach on the question “What did you learn this week?”. We had vacation last week and I spent a great deal of time watching the hit … Continue reading

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A bit about this blog.

Greetings. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a blog here and there. But I’ve found the titles to be too obnoxious to continue (while “Milton’s World” was for my World History class, it made me very uneasy, hence it is abandoned). This … Continue reading

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